aaVOTE is the easiest app for voting and polling on your Facebook page.
It enhances the contents of your Facebook page and helps you to acquire more fans and better engagement.

Create free voting polls and public opinion polls on your Facebook page.

*Please refer to the Guide for instructions on how to install aaVOTE.




Quick and Easy

Quick and Easy

  • Adjusting the settings to use aaVOTE is so easy that you can instantly create powerful contents on your Facebook page.
    In only 3 steps.
Increase Fan Engagement

Get your fans increasingly engaged

  • aaVOTE's voting polls and public opinion polls will increase the number of fans of your Facebook page. You will then be able to get them more engaged to your brand by communicating with them.
Share to Friends

Share with Friends

  • With aaVOTE, you can share the results of your voting with your friends, which makes it easy to diffuse. In addition, it is and accessible both from smartphones and PCs, so your friends can vote anytime, anywhere.

Wide Array of Functions with Multiple Uses

Functions include adding photos and illustrations for a visual reference when voting, and the option to display or not real-time results (or to disclose the results only at the end of the voting period.) Because of this, you not only can create public opinion surveys, but you can also use aaVOTE to create photography contests and prize applications.

- Display / non-display of real-time results
- You can create up to 100 choices
- You can upload photos and illustrations for your poll's choices
- You can set limits to one vote per person
- Strengthened security (SSL)
- Output reports or user profiles on CSV files
and others...


Click on the "SAMPLE" button to see whataaVOTE voting actually looks like on a Facebook page.
sample image

vote sample


FREE for both personal and commercial use

Free of charge if you are using the basic functions only.
*If your voting poll will be having a momentary increase in traffic (i.e. from being announced on Ustream or TV), please contact us in advance.
This is because it may affect voting of other Facebook pages using aaVOTE.

aaVOTE free use

Charged Option

Ad Block option
When you will sign up to the Ad Block option,
hide the page top and bottom of google ads that are displayed on smartphones.

Please use this option if you do not want to see ads in such commercial use.
$49/ Monthly

Option expense

$ 49 / Monthy
*It becomes automatic update of one month unit.
*Ads only during the available period will be hidden.


Please perform the purchase by PayPal than "Subscribe" button of the ad hidden option on the Administrator Page's left side menu.
*After the purchase, it will take up to two business days to options available start.

Options use setting

We will inform you by e-mail at the time of option available start.
*setting is not particularly necessary.

How to stop

At the end, please cancel the subscription from "unsubscribe" button on the Administrator Page's left side menu at PayPal.
*For more information about the cancellation of the subscription
*1 month for automatic continuation of the month, the next month it past the one month will be charged.
*Please note that per diem is not done.
*If you want to use in more than one Facebook page requires a contract for each page.
*We don't creating voting (editing and management).


How to create a voting poll and a public opinion poll


Install aaVOTE on your Facebook page

Click the "Create free voting polls" button at the top of the page.
You will be redirected to another page, on which you can select the Facebook page that you want to install it on from the pulldown menu.Click the "Add page tab" button.
*If you would like to contract an optional service, please contact us directly after you install aaVOTE on your Facebook page.


Create a new question

If you are an administrator of the Facebook page that aaVOTE is installed on, you will see a link called "Administration Page".
Click on "Administration Page" to adjust various settings.


Post on your Facebook page

When you finish creating new questions, copy the "share URL" displayed on the administration page and paste it to the wall on your Facebook page.
*Attention: If you post the URL copied from the app, smartphone users will not be able to access it or vote.

For more information about the method of introduction here