Getting started

*Before you start using aaVOTE, you have to create a Facebook page.
If you've not created a Facebook page yet, let's get started here.

* You must to see about Terms of Use on Facebook before using aaVOTE on your Facebook page.

1. Get access to aaVOTE Facebook apps page

2. Click on "Create Free Votes and Polls" button

Click on Create Free Votes and Polls button
Click on "Create Free Votes and Polls" button afrer into aaVOTE Facebook apps page.

3. Specify a Facebook page in which to install aaVOTE

Specify a Facebook page in which to install aaVOTE
In accordance with Facebook terms, after you choose a Facebook page in which to install aaVOTE.

4. Click on "Administration Page" link

Click on Administration Page link
aaVOTE already installed your Facebook page, but your vote page has not create yet.
Let's click on "Administration Page" link.

5. Verify your Facebook page administrator account

Verify your Facebook page administrator account
aaVOTE confirm with your Facebook page administrator account. Please click on "OK" button.

6. Create new vote

Create new vote

Create new vote and setting.
Setting items are as below:


Put a title your vote.
Concisely and precisely title is preferred.
Title image
You can setting any images for your vote page, The image is always displayed as 800pixel width if you chosse another width images.
Square or vertical pictures are not recommended because of explanation texts and questions going to bottom of page.
It is recommended that width 800pixel and height less than 250pixel.
And it is valid to less than 5MB jpg, png, and gif files.
Explanation Texts
It describes how about vote and how to criterion of selection items.
Thanks Message
It is thanks for voting message. It also displayed also revisit user who is already voted.
It good for user to get through to voting compreted.
Also make use of display promo code or campaign links for voted user, and more.
Briefly describes the questions for voting.


Input to answer choices for a voting question.
Only two answer choices are displayed at first, you can add to max 100 answer choices when you click on "+ add" button.
One answer choise details as below:
Answer It is the name of answer choice.
Description Fill in some explanatory notes about answer choices.
Image You can post the image files if you want to vote in the image, such as photo and illustrations.
To check "Use image", after displayed "choose file" button below. You would to upload some image files from your device.
Please select a JPG, PNG, or GIF file that size less than 5MB.
Uploaded image is click to enlarge.

Layout Settings

Settings number of answers horizentally organized.
For example, the images are important information for making a decision, so adds columns are good for perspiculity. In the case of opinion poll is less columns is good for readability.
Random Display of Answers
Display order changing each loading a page.
In the case to use for avoid to vote enters are inclination to the top of the page.
Display of Voting Results
Display the ranking to number of gathered votes.
Please uncheck if you do not want to see the voting results in real time.
If you want to display the voting results after the voting deadline, you can view the voting results as'll put a check after the voting deadline.
Display List of Fans Who Voted
Display a list of fans who voted for which choice.
Please uncheck if anyone does not want to see anything on whether to vote.
If you uncheck to display of voting results do not appear voters.
Display a column that can be written comment on the vote page.

Share Settings

Setting the content, such as text and images to share.

Setting the image to share.
Setting the title to share.
Setting the description to share.howto_7_2
Wall Post
If you check, shared contents are displayed the text and image that was selected at the time of voting.

Charged options

To get the email address of the voters fan requires a subscription to paid options.
Please more information read the description in the Administration page.


Setting State
Setting the public or private.
Closed Save the entered content, will not be published.
View only the administrator of Facebook page.
Published Publish the vote, is being accepted.
Finished It is publishing, but the acceptance period of voting has been completed.
If you checked "results to display", display the voting results.

Save Button

At last, press the "Save" button, saved in the state which is specified in the "publishing settings" above.

7. Post voting page to Facebook wall, and Announce to fan.

Post voting page to Facebook wall
When announce the voting page to fan, post the "share URL" which is displayed on the Administration page.
Please be sure to announce "share URL" for smartphone users.
*Notice, the URL can not be accessed from smartphone that are copyed by the address bar in the browser when you view the voting page on the PC.

8, Download Voting Result

Download Voting Result
Vote results by pressing the "download" button, you will be able to download in CSV format.
If use the e-mail address acquisition options (surcharge), and checked "get the e-mail address", the csv is included the voters of e-mail address.
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